Like to be like mom

I know an intelligent young woman. While doing her Masters degree she fell in love with her classmate. The boy’s father & mother are professionally qualified and were doing well. Besides the boy, they have a daughter who is married and well settled abroad.

But the girl’s parents were not for it as the boy’s
family is from a different caste. Especially the girl’s mother was very firm. But we,my husband and myself did put in our support for the young ones.

Finally both the parties agreed and the marriage took place. The young ones were very happy.
But soon,the girl’s mother was all in praise of her son-in- Law. I had occasions to observe
the boy and I am pleased. He is a smart and capable boy, moves very smoothly with people ,very friendly and affectionate boy.

They have a cute very intelligent girl child . She likes me very much. Her grand parents are very proud of her.

Once her teacher told the students of her class that the word “like” can be used in two different ways. She is in a good school in the third standard.
That evening her grandmother said that the young girl was exactly like her mother….the small girl without any hesitation said “I like to be like my mother !”….What an intelligent reply ..

Even the grand parents are always talking very happily. I am Happy.

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