First Penguin – Beautiful Loan

TweetFew months ago, my wife Priya Raju spotted this news item about a Chennai Mosque helping people clear the IAS exam. It sounded very impressive and she said that we needed to support such initiatives. As a person always looking for innovative methods to solve problems, I thought, here is a man taking a very […]

First Penguin – Sunil Mathew

TweetI am starting a new series starting today that I decided to call “First Penguin”.  I first heard this phrase in the famous last lecture by Dr Randy Pausch. For those that haven’t watched that video, here is the meaning of the goose bump-inducing phrase, in brief. When the ice starts to thaw after the brutal […]

iWatch iDeas ..

TweetThere is plenty of noise about an upcoming rumored iWatch, thought I’ll add my own predictions and wish list here 🙂 This was prompted by the article on ReadWrite. I tend to agree on almost all points in the article, especially in the sense it is more of a fitness tracker device. My take is that […]