FTOTW87 – best links of the week ending 26-May-2013

TweetProlog Here are the best links shared on my tweet stream this week. Best Links /Via @brainpicker life lesson from bill watterson of Calvin & Hobbes fame http://t.co/SexYmCH8I6 ~ brilliant – Original Tweet Why nothing not even software can eat the world http://t.co/r0vDgpNLdU by @geoffreyamoore ~ brilliant – Original Tweet /Via @HoudadJ http://t.co/ba6Pl0EpmP – Next […]

FTOTW86 – best links of the week ending 19-May-2013

TweetProlog Here are the best links shared on my tweet stream this week. Best Links /Via @jorgebarba 90+% Of The Most Innovative Products From The Past Few Decades Were NOT Patented http://t.co/2X2xHyr8ds ~ amazing finding – Original Tweet The best interface is no interface http://t.co/BMDdi6dzKN 30 min talk by @goldenkrishna ~ brilliant /Via @janupapu – […]

Sikkim Travelog – Part 8

Tweet“What’s the thing you remember the most about this trip?” we asked our 5-year old. “Mickey and Rosie!” she squealed happily. Mickey and Rosie were the 2 Samoyed dogs that belonged to the Pandim Hotel. They resembled polar bears both in color and size. They were so adorable and cuddly, that our daughter wanted to […]

Sikkim Travelog – Part 7

TweetBack in Gangtok, Sukumar had a chance to taste the local tipple called “Tongba” – a fermented millet drink. A fierce South Indian, I never let anything but kaapi pass through my lips. Tongba was served in a unique bamboo stein with a bamboo straw. It tasted like an eclectic mix of beers and wines. […]

Sikkim Travelog – Part 6

TweetWherever we went in Sikkim – one thing was a constant – the Indian Army. You could be excused for thinking the country was at war. While tourists moan and groan about the weather and high altitude, the soldiers of the Indian Army brave the harsh weather conditions to keep us safe. The Army helps […]