FTOTW28 – best links of the week ending 26-February-2012


Here are the best links shared on my tweet stream this week.

Best Links

  1. rsukumar: RT @ArunSN: Interesting productivity secret from Jerry Seinfeld – “Don’t break the chain” : FTOTW Link 7056 ~ brilliant

  2. rsukumar: RT @webtechman: Why is Facebook addictive but enterprise social adoption a challenge? FTOTW Link 7057 RT @RessHum ~ vv insightful

  3. rsukumar: RT @RajeshBlue Creative use of QR code at a bus shelter. How social is integrating traditional. FTOTW Link 7058 ~ vv cool /cc @jk533

  4. rsukumar: RT @srini_venkat Can Your #Facebook Profile Predict Your Job Performance? by @bakadesuyo FTOTW Link 7059 ~ vv interesting (& scary?)

  5. rsukumar: RT @sandygautam: 8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees FTOTW Link 7060 Are you a remarkable employee or just a great one? ~ vv insightful

  6. rsukumar: RT @gvaidees: How to predict student’s SAT score: Look at parents’ tax return FTOTW Link 7061. Finding not surprising ~ vv interesting

  7. rsukumar: RT @jk533: Moneto microsd #NFC Kit & Android Market App Out FTOTW Link 7062 ~ could pave way for cheap NFC enabled Androids ~ vv cool

  8. rsukumar: RT @yarapavan: Lord of the Files: How GitHub Tamed Free Software (And More). FTOTW Link 7063 ~ vv interesting


Hope enjoyed the links? Did you come across any good links you want to share? Please share in the comments below.


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  1. Quote

    The year calendar and personal productivity is very good.
    Enterprise social adoption , for that matter any adoption in the enterprise seems to be a challenge 😉
    All of Jeff Haden`s posts are really engaging and sticks to mind easily, good read.

  2. Quote

    Thanks Veena. Yes Seinfeld’s secret is a good one. Yes any adoption is challenging in an Enterprise 🙂 but because Facebook has been adopted so well by consumers and it is the same consumers who work inside corporations, lack of adoption of Enterprise Social is perplexing. And Yes Jeff Haden’s posts are excellent.

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