FTOTW – Superstar Effect, Giftedness, Biomimicry, Teaching B Students….

Some of the best links i shared last week. Hope you enjoy it.  It will be very helpful to me if you comment and let me know if you agree with my ratings. For example, if i tagged something “brilliant”, do you agree with it?

1. RT @jackerhack: Why Joel Spolsky never lets employees negotiate a raise. http://bit.ly/dPaNUz ~ brilliant

2. RT @4KM: It’s electrifying: bacteria, it seems, can share energy simply through touch. http://bit.ly/gjRBMP Bizarre! ~ amazing

3. RT @SebastianJ: From CEOs to Opera Singers – How to Harness the “Superstar Effect” http://bit.ly/f4BIvN #motivation ~ brilliant

4. http://bit.ly/e8gP1h Carol Dweck’s perspectives on giftedness & motivation ~ brilliant /via @Brainology

5. RT @gvaideeshttp://t.co/uonP2wM Bio mimicry – looking to (processes in) nature to solve design and engineering problems. ~ brilliant

6. /via @mindkhichadi @yarapavan: Scott Adams: what to teach B students? entrepreneurship … http://j.mp/fzJJsz ~ brilliant


I use a certain ratings scale for my annotations which are explained here.



  1. Quote
    Hari KrishnaIyer (subscribed) said April 11, 2011, 3:53 am:

    Hello Sukumar – thanks for consolidating your favorite tweets of the week… It could be a personal taste difference.. I’ve more liked all your level 2 – vv interesting ones than the brilliant ones… It can also be that the brilliant ones are way beyond my reach of apprehension..

    I can openly say that I’ve learned a lot through your tweets in whatever rating they are… please continue….


  2. Quote

    Based on your description of the scale

    I found #2 & #4 *#%@ Brilliant. I discussed #4 with my sister and my mom and my SIL. Very relevent to ppl bringing up young children.

    #5 n #6 interesting

    #1 v insightful
    #3 agree with your rating.

  3. Quote
    Sukumar (subscribed) said April 11, 2011, 6:22 pm:

    Thanks a lot Archana. This is very useful feedback to review my ratings.

  4. Quote
    Sukumar (subscribed) said April 11, 2011, 6:25 pm:

    Thanks a lot Hari. Like Archana has done can you please give me 1 or 2 examples of the vv interesting ones that you thought were brilliant? That will help me tune my ratings scale.

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