Turkey Travelog – Part 1 – Overview

TweetI’ve always wanted to go to Turkey. (“And the 200 other countries in the world!” chimes in Sukumar, helpfully).  I find countries at the crossroads of 2 or 3 distinct cultures extremely seductive. Sri Lanka. Turkey. Plus, Turkey is an aggressively secular country – despite being 98% (“99%” our tour guide asserted) Muslim. It’s the […]

Oh my job is tough!!

TweetThere must have zillion times the thought comes to my mind that “Oh my job is tough”. There is the neighborhood small shop (Kirana/potti kadai) at the end of the street I live. I frequent the shop daily for over 20 years. This is 6×5 feet shop stacked with all sorts of stuff from chocolates […]

Producing Massive Change

TweetProlog I made this presentation on Change Management at the KCommunity Chennai Chaper meeting No.10 (#KCC10) which was hosted by Cognizant. The organizers had videographed my preso – special thanks to Manikanda Pisharody of Cognizant’s KM team and our external vendor agency for the recording. Producing massive change v1.0 View more presentations from Sukumar Rajagopal. In case […]