Tablets – New Wine In Your Old Bottle

Will your laptop go the desktop way and pave way to the tablets? Will tablets become central device in our lives? Given the fact that tablets came and went, how different are these from the old tablets like Tablet PCs?

Can positive experiences be life changing?

TweetI will soon be embarking on a trip to Nigeria as part of IBM’s Corporate Service Corps program ( Lots of folks who have been through the program have blogged about their experience as life changing. And this got me thinking – Will my trip be life altering too? My guess – probably not. And […]

Just an opinion on “Indian Culture”

TweetWhat I want to share is just a personal opinion, hoping to know what others think about it. I was travelling in the U.S recently and had a chance to interact to few of my close friends from college.When we were discussing about our kids and how they have grown are interacting with us, this […]

Was the Indus Valley Civilization Illiterate?

TweetProlog As mentioned in my previous post , I am pleased to announce that my first paper jointly authored with Priya Raju and NK Sreedhar got published by the International Institute of Tamil Studies. Background In 2004, Farmer, Sproat & Witzel released their controversial paper titled [PDF] “The Collapse of the Indus Script Thesis: The Myth […]