If a template is all you can offer…

TweetI tweeted sometime ago that “if a template is all you offer, you really don’t have much to offer” Let me explain. For the purpose of this post, the term “customer” can mean anybody you interact with – not just money-paying person seeking products/services. Too many times, we get locked into this mode of supplying […]

The Choices We Make

TweetSeveral years ago, while I was on a vacation in India, an incident happened that is now permanently etched in my brain. I can still visualize the scene, the noise, the smell, the heat and the crowds amidst which this incident happened. In Chennai, whenever I travel alone to visit a friend or go to […]

Revelations from the Rig Veda

TweetProlog Many of you know that i began researching the Indus Valley Civilization (IVC) formally about 10 months ago. I am happy to say  i have made reasonable progress – my first paper (written jointly with Priya Raju & NK Sreedhar) countering FSW’s arguments is going to be published shortly. My paper on the Bangle Hypothesis has been […]