Maybe a herd but it ain’t Microsoft’s doing

TweetProlog John Gruber, in his inimitable style, tore the  PC industry into shreds with his scathing post – Herd Mentality , just a day after the hugely hyped Windows 7 launch. Gruber pinned  the blame squarely on Microsoft.   Somewhat by coincidence, i have been thinking about the state of the PC industry for the […]

Real World Ahimsa

TweetAhimsa seems to be cliched word nowadays or seems practically obsolete. But the philosophy of Ahimsa I feel, is relevant. Ahmisa is the opposite of Himsa which means “Violence” this needs to be interpreted as not just physical violence but mental violence. I consider violence is an act performed to inflict PAIN be it physical […]

What can we celebrate on ‘Gandhi Jayanthi?’

Tweet“Generations to come, it may be, will scarce believe that such one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth ! “ – Albert Einstein (referring to Mahatma Gandhi). Recently the President of the US was asked as to if he preferred any personality dead or alive with whom he would like […]