IVC Symbology – Bangles & Marital Status

TweetUpdated 23 Aug 2009 2:50PM – added the Indus signs from Bryan Wells’ paper. Updated 22 Aug 2009 11:55PM – found the image of the single/double bangle. — FTOTW [Fine Tastings of the Week] Why we must focus on women for development – a brilliant/heart rending/uplifting article in NYT (Via Ganesh). Programmable Web – a […]

Enter the Dragon

TweetI presume every self-respecting English speaker out there has seen the Back to the Future trilogy. I know I’ve seen it. A few times. Alright, alright – Many times. Don’t tell me you haven’t. After years of sedentary living, my flaccid arteries can’t handle that shock. I might simply choke & keel over. Just haul […]

How do we intend to keep our ‘tryst with destiny’?

TweetNo one could have put it better. It required the inimitable Jawaharlal Nehru to fire the first salvo of a free India and claim her rightful place in the comity of nations. It’s time for another Independence Day and some symbolic gaiety …the tricolor pinned on our shirts, the flags hoisted and speeches at several […]

Why do bad things happen to me? – Part 2

TweetWhat is bad? This is first question I ask myself. I sincerely try to define why I call something bad. If we sit down to define the word bad it really becomes a difficult task. 1.Bad is something, which is not good for me. 2.Bad is an unexpected result. 3.Bad is an expected result, but […]

Why do bad things happen to me? – Part 1

TweetLooks like it is the season for resurrecting old thoughts on this blog. It is Kumaran’s turn to write something that he wrote 10 years ago. While you enjoy the post, please check out my 8.5 minute crystal ball gazing presentation with audio from the ICT East event where i shared the stage with Infosys CEO […]