The Great Indian Rope Trick – Election 2009

TweetUpdated: For people that want to understand the manifestos of the key parties, this single page PDF from The Hindu is a good source. Some people on Twitter seem to think we didn’t read the manifestos. The biggest circus of 2009 – the Indian Parliamentary Election – has ended. The decisive mandate has left many […]

Why Twitter maybe at the vanguard of a tectonic shift?

TweetUpdated Aug 15, 2009 10 PM – Here is a recent techmemed post that contemplates some similar ideas about Twitter. Updated May 16, 2009 6:15PM – Mark Cuban says most of his traffic is now coming from Twitter/Facebook and less and less from Google! FTOTW We restarted this series in my previous post.  First, Nancy […]

Why American kids don’t take up science & technology careers?

TweetUpdated 2 May 2009: Received some wisdom from twitterers – @Shogun1947 @priyraju @akumaran Prolog On my internal to company blog i had introduced a new idea a few months back – in the prolog section of every blog post, i provide a link to interesting posts i had read that week. To my surprise, this […]