Rough and Tumble with ROI

TweetUpdated 25 Apr 2009:  Jim McGee has a brilliant post on bridging analytic and management cultures. Is it that ROI is a catchphrase from the oral management culture which is fundamentally in conflict with ideas which are from the literate culture of the organization? Prolog In the Soul of Success series, i am still not […]

The Soul of Success Part 4 – Role of Luck

TweetProlog Happy new year to all that celebrate it today (Tamils, Malayalis, Assamese, Punjabis..). As always, thanks for the insightful comments on part 3  (here is part1, part2). Kumaran’s comment on Penicillin and Potato Chips , Nimmy’s comment on the invention of electric car being appreciated when fuel shortages occur, Ganesh’s comment about startups reinventing themselves  really got me into […]

Imagining India

TweetUpdated 20 Apr 2009: NR Narayana Murthy has published a book as well. He talks about giving access to inexpensive English education and computers to everyone. Exactly Sir.  Updated 10 Apr 2009: Imagining India links to this review on their site. Thanks Imagining India. Managed to read the recent book Imagining India by Nandan Nilekani […]