Future of news paper?

Tweet “Seattle Post-Intelligencer Will Shut Down Paper, Go Online Only” “Detroit newspapers to end daily home delivery” More and more I am seeing articles predicting the demise of news paper as we know it. With internet and devices such as Kindle, Sony reader what is the future of news paper business? Newspapers such as NYT, […]

The Soul of Success Part 3

TweetProlog Please read the first 2 parts (part1, part2), please read the comments as well for a lot of wisdom has been collected.  While we may have reached some level of clarity on goals themselves,  we seem to have ways to go around recalibrating goals? Is recalibrating a cop out? The Role of Failure in […]

The Soul of Success Part 2

TweetProlog Please read the first part before reading this one. What can i say about the comments? Thank you all. Wow! We are blessed to have such a wise community collected here, right? [On a side note, the post brought Kannan Nagarajan, a SAST wingee other than self and Ganesh, to the blog after a […]