Slumdog Millionaire – Epilog

TweetFinally got to watch the movie –  This is by no means a film critique. Nor I am writing for/against the merit of the movie or whether it is award worthy. While I am not surprised at the reaction from some Indian filmmakers, couldnt let it go that easily.  Again, this is not about the […]

The Soul of Success

TweetUpdated 18 March 2009:  Please visit part 2 of this post for more info. —- We have had several discussions on this blog about Expertise, Passion , Talent , S Curve etc – what i would call Meta-Lifehacks. Although, these topics give us some ideas on what it takes to succeed, there is one aspect of success that […]

Deadly Justice – Part 4

TweetMy previous post outlined some of the harsh realities of the Death Penalty. That was more than 2 weeks back. So, let’s plunge neck-deep into this post right away. There’s nothing like starting a post with a bitter, divisive issue. Does Death Penalty deter Murder? The idea of gauging a punishment on its merit as […]

The ‘Love’ Triangle in Human Society : Evolution, Biology & Psychology

TweetWhere, is  this ‘Love’ business on the ladder of Evolution? –  The Biology As  most physiological processes are driven, emotions begin in the command center of our physiologies : The Brain. Or at least, that portion of which biologists call the ‘Limbic System’ and the ‘Neocortex’. I strongly feel that our Original Ancestor truly was […]