Sports fan – Aren’t you a hypocrite!

TweetHappy Diwali to all the readers that celebrate it. What is Diwali without some fireworks – NK Sreedhar has a thought-provoking post that may provide some fireworks. Please fire away your comments. — I am game to holding people to a higher standard, especially those snarly ruthless politicians since they are coaxing and cajoling me […]

Gender Bender

TweetNK Sreedhar is back in action with a timely post on the US elections which has gained a surprising amount of attention in India as well. Please encourage him with your comments. – Sukumar —- Just in case you didn’t get to see / hear the news in the past few months, it’s election year […]

iWatch – Never carry a mobile phone again!

TweetUpdated Oct 14, 2008: This week’s Carnival of the Mobilists hosted by mjelly has featured this post. Thanks a lot James. The last concept hack i did called the iPod SD became a popular post. Too bad, Apple never built the product 🙁 Yesterday, i came across this interview of Steve Wozniak (via Techmeme) where he […]

Do bridges matter anymore?

Tweet(On the occasion of Gandhi’s birth anniversary, I dedicate this post to the memory of late Rajnarayan Chandavarkar among the finest sons and historians of India. Raj was based at Cambridge, England.) “We can help make the world safe for diversity. For in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit […]