Deadly Justice – Part 1

TweetVery few social issues galvanize people irrespective of their geographies. Abortions. Gay Rights. Prostitution. Drugs. The Death Penalty. If people could be roughly grouped into “Conservatives”,  “Liberals” and “Moderates”, their views on the 1st 4 issues would neatly fall into “No Way, No How!”, “Why not?” and “That Depends”. But, Capital Punishment is different. Its […]

Insights from a Yoghurt Nazi

TweetProlog As Microsoft quickly found out to its chagrin, associating with Seinfeld in this day and age, may not be that fashionable. But hey, i am no Microsoft and I love Seinfeld. The inspiration for the post’s title comes from a super Seinfeld episode called the Soup Nazi.  In an earlier post, we covered how […]

Pray, where is the cream of India?

TweetAfter the Beijing Olympics, the media has gone to town with small-town India. Suddenly, we seem to have discovered talent there! The population and infrastructure pressure on major metros has made industry discover tier-2 and tier-3 cities. This is still the story of urban India being played out. What Olympics or what industry would it […]

The Accidental Historian

TweetI don’t renege on promises. Unless the bribe is considerable. And it involves Italian food & a glass of Port. Then, I don’t give a hoot about promises. Every ideal is negotiable & now you know the economics of my avouchments. This here is a promise I’m keeping though. Last week, I said I’ll write […]