Can a man be a friend of feminism?

TweetWe are glad to publish this post by our friend Dr Abdul Fakhri. Please welcome him warmly by commenting on his maiden post. Also, do check out Dr Fakhri’s book when you get a chance.  – Priya Raju. These are a few random thoughts about Gender, Feminism and Sexuality. The old adage that while more […]

My Days as a Collector

TweetFor those of you whose pulse quickened at the word “Collector”, imagined lurid tales of my days in the Indian Administrative Service & were licking their chops for some dirty gossip – This post is about the junk I collect. Fooled Ya! I’m so unsorry. Whenever we visit other people, I’m amazed by the sheer […]

61 years of freedom – what changed?

TweetIndia celebrated its 61st Independence Day yesterday. I decided to jog my memory on this great occasion. 18 years ago, I reached the USA for my first stint there. As an Indian, I was almost immediately taken aback by the pride that Americans displayed for their country. The national flag was everywhere including on undergarments! […]

Creepies, Crawlies Und Ich

TweetOur house is full of guests, though not the paying variety. They have horrible hygiene. If the jam jar is open, they help themselves to a bit of marmalade – with their hands. If I finish my cup of tea, they lick & feast on the dregs. Its utterly disgusting. They love having the TV […]

Deconstructing Doha

TweetProlog The press is agog with articles on the collapse of the Doha round. It is sad indeed that after 7 years of negotiations the agreement collapsed on a single issue. I have been reading the articles and trying to make sense of what exactly has happened. I thought i will share with you what […]