Democracy In India – Part 2

TweetThe world is abuzz with the gross human rights violations in Zimbabwe. Free & fair elections are well neigh impossible. Morgan Tsvangirai, the opposition leader, is incarcerated whenever Robert Mugabe feels paranoid. The media is in shackles. Many people are homeless because of the mass evictions by the government. The police beat up anyone committing […]

I am stupid and the Internet made me so

TweetProlog: Nick Carr the uber-naysayer came up with a superb riff on the Internet-dominated world with a tremendously provocative “is Google Making Us Stupid?” To Nick’s credit, it has now become quite fashionable to take a dystopian view of technology with virtually all the gurus of the tech world falling over themselves to toe Nick […]

Democracy In India – Part 1

TweetThe world is chock full of tiresome, litigious people. I fervently hope they won’t accuse me of pilfering this title from de Tocqueville’s “Democracy in America”. For the past few weeks, some over-sized issues are stewing in my under-sized brain. There’s no room for plagiarism, as it were. I’m not competent enough to steal, that’s […]

Thirukadaiyur – A fascinating super efficient shared services model

TweetUpdated June 9, 2008: Rachel Laudan linked to this post and would like more information on how this whole thing works? I will try to find out. Thanks Rachel. On your question on private facility vs. temple. The 100+ events i mentioned happen in a temple on a shared services model. As Ganesh points out, […]