Retail Therapy, Indian “Ishtyle”

TweetMany years ago, in the City of Madras, there lived a woman called Priya. In that bygone & mercifully forgotten era, India was still a Socialist State. It meant putting up with lousy Customer Service. Now this woman had a very short fuse, so she spontaneously combusted whenever she encountered Stupid Shopkeepers: Thrice a week, […]

Can passion be taught? – part 3 – the key is producing

Tweet Updated Oct 10, 2008 – Nirmala, a KM professional joined the conversation with several insights on her blog. Thanks for the link Nirmala. Prolog: Teaching passion is one of my favorite areas. I started thinking about this again because i felt we have not been able to package the superb discussion that this topic […]

Confessions of a Concert Hater

TweetI hate concerts. I have a rather visceral reaction to them. You can try to pigeon-hole me with Aurangazeb & other infamous music haters. But, you’ll be sorely mistaken. I’m a music lover. Which is precisely why I hate concerts. That begs an addendum: I. Hate. Concerts. In. Chennai. A love-crazed Orsino exclaims in The […]

Phrase Origins – A1 and Bangalore Torpedo

TweetProlog: My research into the caste system is taking longer than planned. It may take another week or two before my history series resumes. Meanwhile, i thought i will write on some lighter topics. Phrase Origins I have always been interested in phrase origins because most often there is a very interesting story behind these […]

Do you want to Ning?

TweetI am thinking of creating a network in Ning (kind of our own little Facebook) and invite folks who typically visit and post on this blog and hence I believe at least have some common interest. I would also be extending the invite to “Sast Wingees” – a bunch of us who spent a lot […]