FTOTW ending Feb 17,2007 – Energy from Waste Heat, Amnesiacs, Smart Spider..

1. In what is potentially a breakthrough Researchers convert heat to electricity using organic molecules, that could lead to a new energy source. This employs the well-known Seebeck Effect. 2. TIME carried an interesting article on the web 2.0 gift economy. <Via Nick Carr> 3. In the animal watching department, check out Portia Labiata – a spider that does strategy. We typically associate strategy with large-brained animals including ourselves, but this tiny spider which has an even tinier brain is a master of strategy. Another bastion of unique human capability – strategy has fallen. 4. In the neuroscience department, researchers have found that amensiacs are unable to imagine the future. Till now, we associate amnesia with the memories of the past. 5. Priya Raju picked out “Thank you for Smoking” – a satire involving a lobbyist for the big tobacco companies – a part that Aaron Eckhart plays to perfection. This is a must see movie.


  1. Anonymous said February 26, 2007, 8:23 am:

    Wow Portia was amazing. An animal eating it’s own kind is also very rare isn’t? I could not think of any other animal or insect which does that.

  2. Anonymous said February 26, 2007, 11:41 am:

    Good observation Archana. I think it is rare. Snakes are known to eat other snakes (especially Cobras). I am sure there are a few others like Fishes.