A Case study in going back to India – Ramesh & Swati Ramanathan

Updated Nov 26, 2006:  This post originally published Nov 15, 2005 is in the top 5 links for “going back to India” on Google. So i thought i will update this post to link to other posts i have written on the topic. See below.

Updated again Dec 6, 2006: One more post in this series Desipundited. See below.

Ramesh & Swati left their high flying careers in the US to go back to India and start Janaagraha. This article titled “How to retire at 34” gives a superb snapshot of the life-changing counter-intuitive decisions the couple have made throughout their lives. By the way, Ramesh’s calculations of how much money you need to survive in India (Rs. 50 lakhs or about $110,000 per year) seems way too high. Any thoughts on this?  

Janaagraha by itself is another excellent idea that is likely to have a dramatic impact on India. This is one couple worth keeping track of (Via Sridhar Iyer).

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  1. Anonymous said November 23, 2005, 3:44 pm:


    I agree with you. Rs. 50 Lakhs a year does seem high. I guess that includes what Ramesh calls as ‘staff’ (which implies full time employess rather than part-time maid etc.) and the vacation trip around the globe. The only full-time staff that I think will be needed is a car driver.

    I believe that if your mortgage is paid for (i.e, you own your home), in a city like Chennai you can certainly live a *very* comfortable life with half the amount. Assuming that you own one of these new ‘american’ type homes, the biggest variable I hear could be your child’s education fees. I hear that Western style schools such as KFI could amount to 3 lakhs per year, while a sankara would be Rs. 50,000.

    Who knows, maybe I am way off base and you can certainly give your first hand opinion in another 6 months 🙂


  2. Anonymous said November 27, 2005, 7:43 pm:

    good points Ganesh. Like you say, i will give you my first hand experience in a few months.