Unrelated but interesting things

Came across these couple of interesting articles- only thing common being India. A young couple trying to make a difference in their own way. I particularly found their approach to religion and their marriage vows fascinating

Vaasthu and feng shui based websites :). I wish the article  had a link to the pre and post vaasthu look of the web sites mentioned. Ganesh


  1. Anonymous said June 27, 2006, 1:57 pm:

    Very interesting Ganesh. Nipun and Guri’s is an entirely new take on Open Source. Very impressive and laudable efforts. Every once in a while stuff happens that reinforces your belief in humanity and I guess Nipun and Guri’s story does that.

    As for Vaastu/Feng Shui in websites – well, with many people living their life more online, i guess its a smart way to cash in.

    I am told there are some people that play Second Life who spend more time in that game than in their real lives. I guess Second Life doesn’t need Vaastu consulting.