Completed 2 years in the blogosphere

TweetI have been travelling extensively this week. Just realized that we completed 2 years in the blogosphere 3 days ago on June 27.   Thank you contributors, readers and wingees for all your support.

Unrelated but interesting things

Came across these couple of interesting articles- only thing common being India.

A young couple trying to make a difference …

Unilever India starts a bold experiment with a blogging community

TweetHindustan Lever (Unilever India) has started a community site called Gang of Girls attached to its Sunsilk shampoo brand. This is probably the first major blogging experiment for an Indian brand. Welcome Hindustan Lever to the blogosphere.  <Spotted by Priya Raju> References:1.The Hindu Business Line : Sunsilk `Gang of Girls’ site

What makes something a classic?

Today I was just wondering out aloud to Priya Raju about why something becomes a classic. My  curiosity stemming from …

Soccer World Cup 2006 is a benchmark not just for its size

The entire world is savoring the world’s biggest sports spectacle – The FIFA World cup 2006 is blowing away attendance records with 3 million attendees, additional..