On the Rossogolla trail

I was in Kolkata last week on business. I told my colleagues about my love for rossogollas and that I wanted to go to K.C.Das. One of my colleagues told me that Chittaranjan made better rossogollas than K.C. Das and ordered me some for lunch. They were definitely extremely good. But for me K.C. Das is the original. So couple of my colleagues took me to the K.C.Das shop in Esplanade and we had fresh rossogollas – out of the world. Thanks to my colleague’s digital camera, I now have documented proof of my visit to K.C.Das. I was also introduced to Amriti – apparently another famous sweet in Bengal. It turns out to be the same as the South Indian Jangiri (sweet version of Jalebi which is a bit sour). Amriti was extremely good as well. Priya was doing some research on the differences between Jangiri and Jalebi and concluded that both these sweets were of middle eastern origin (Moshabbek is the middle eastern one) and that Jangiri was introduced to Southern India as Emperor Jahangir’s favorite sweet – Jahangiri which over time has become Jangiri. Fascinating, isn’t it.


  1. Anonymous said February 15, 2006, 10:40 am:

    Wow! Envy you Sukumar.. I missed KC Das while I was there for a short while. Have to do it next time.