How Indian food has changed over the ages

TweetAlthough a bit dated, here is a very interesting article in The Hindu tracing the evolution of Indian food. (Via NK Sreedhar.)

IITians form a political party

TweetA group of IITians have chucked their cushy-lives and formed a political party “Paritrana”. All the very best guys. (Via Sairam Muthuswamy).

Observations from my first 2 weeks in India

As I write this, I am a bit worried about getting reactions similar to what Patrix got for his observations about Panvel. Anyways, here I go…

Secrets of the Master Storyteller Revealed

TweetNow you know why Steve Jobs’s Keynotes are so good.

An ode to Rod Serling – the genius that created The Twilight Zone TV series

For the past few years, myself and Priya have had a new year ritual – watch the Twilight Zone marathon…