Peruvian Macaws eat dirt – Clay Licks

TweetIn what is considered to be one of the most colorful spectacles of the animal world, Peruvian Macaws descend on the  Tambopata river to literally eat dirt to help their digestive system. This is known as clay lick or geophagy, somewhat similar to the salt licks that we are familiar with. (Via British Airways’s High […]

Bihari Engrish – hilarious

TweetWhat do you call Chilled Beer in Bihar? (Via Sairam Muthuswamy).

NYTimes links to Sast Wingees Speaketh!

I was checking my incoming links yesterday after a while. Lo &

behold, the venerable NY Times had linked to …

Italy Moblog #9

We left Venice at 8 AM on a 8-hour bus ride and reached Rome at 4PM.

The ride was made …

Italy Moblog #8

Yesterday was a relaxed day, so decided to not write. Here is yesterday’s account.

We left the hotel at 8am …