Sony’s PSP could finally be the Web Tablet that succeeds

For many years several companies have tried to introduce web tablets without much success. Meanwhile Sony has added web browser functionality to its popular PSP gaming device. Russell Beattie predicts that this may be the device that finally succeeds in the web tablet space.  He maybe onto something here. For one, it costs an affordable $250.00 and more importantly  it has a eminently more justifiable purpose of playing eye-popping games.  The web browser by many reviews seems to be pretty good (this article seems to be the best review). For it to fulfill the promise of a web tablet, it must do a few more things like chat, IM, Skype..   Digging around a bit, the cottage industry that has sprung up around the PSP (much like the iPod) has many of these and more in the works: 1. IRC Chat here. The site also points to upcoming AIM features. 2. Discussion around the need for Skype for PSP here. I am sure Skype is listening. 3. Russell Beattie alludes to an iTunes linkup. His dream maybe coming true soon. A company called Mindola software has introduced PatioTunes  that can control iTunes from a WiFi-enabled PDA. Although it does not talk about the PSP yet, it could be coming pretty soon. Apple had better get its iPod Video act together quickly, for Sony is about to crack this market. References:
1. Om Malik comments on the Tapwave Zodiac’s demise and explains why such failures can happen. His 4th reason for failure is –  cramming too much functionality into the device! Sony seems to be doing that exact same thing with the PSP and looks set to succeed.


  1. Anonymous said August 19, 2005, 12:18 pm:

    PatioTunes does support the PSP. Images are not displaying properly but we’re fast on the trail to fix it.


    Mindola Software

  2. Anonymous said June 20, 2007, 7:56 pm:

    Interesting to look back at your predictions for the PSP here and note that with the great potential the Sony unit has or had, it never quite got there. Apple really did take the strangle hold, only now has Sony delivered a download service for psp which is a bit late considering all the free psp downloads around!