Another gem from Scott Berkun

TweetI have already raved about Scott’s essays. Here is his latest on “how to learn from your mistakes”.   (Via

Story telling and Cognitive Linguistics

I have been preaching the gospel of story telling as a tool for

persuasion in the management context for a …

Origin of the “Red Carpet” treatment

TweetWonder how this  practice originated?  An interesting discussion in Google Answers  points  to Aeschylus describing the practice in 500 B.C. But the discussion on Phrase Finder points to a more recent Moghul origin. Apparently, the brother-in-law of Emperor Jehangir  decked out the  path with  velvets and  gold brocade  so that the Emperor’s feet did not […]

Friday Night Lights Shines Bright

H.G. Bissinger takes you along for an emotions-soaked ride with the

Permian Panthers (a high school football team from Odessa, …

Google chasing Paypal’s Longtail?

Speculation is running rife about Google’s supposed paypal-like payment service not withstanding Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s denial. Forrester’s Charlene Li has some real …