Can we help the disadvantaged in India in some useful way?

TweetI and Sridhar Iyer had a discussion today about coming up with a way by which we as the sast wingees group can participate in helping the disadvantaged in India in an effective way. His idea is “can we adopt some poor kids” and get them clothed, fed, their academic progress is monitored by someone […]

Southwest gets Customer Service !!!


I was in Seattle SEA-TAC airport last friday trying to get

back home. It was a mess there because …

RIM Blackberry has an uphill battle ahead

I have been using RIM’s Blackberry for a couple of years now and I

can’t imagine how I survived without …

Vatan NYC – Gujarathi Restaurant – Does not live up to the hype

Yesteday, we had taken one of our friends  who wanted to eat good Indian food to Vatan,

the much …

Way too cool Honda Ad – $6MM + 606 takes + looks impossible

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