“Avalon”che is coming – part 3 – Avalon Basics

Okay, this series is back. It has taken me a while to figure out if what I thought is a major limitation of Avalon is correct (Teaser#3 from previous post). Based on XAML’s design and the fact that…

A more plausible explanation for Newton’s discovery of Gravity

On March 14, 2005, I attended a seminar in New York City, which included a session by Tony Buzan, the renowned expert on the human brain and the inventor of ..

Superb paper on Social Bookmarking

TweetIf you are doing a start-up you better add the “social” moniker to it, to attract VC funding. Jokes apart, the social bookmarking scene is looking pretty good. If you could read one paper and  become a social bookmarking whiz, this is it.  Its a 2 part article – 2nd part is here. Great job […]


TweetMy 3rd article on Interesting Thing of Day aired today.  Check it out. Thanks Joe.