Longtail business models

TweetI did read Chris Anderson’s seminal article on Longtail in the Wired magazine a few months back. But when i stumbled upon Jotspot founder Joe Kraus’ blogpost on the same topic, a light bulb went off in my head.  I was inspired by his commentary so much, that i was able to apply it to […]

Taiko (Daiko) Drum Music

TweetI watched a Taiko Drum performance at the Epcot Center and got hooked. If you are into percussion music, you will like this song by Yuko Daiko.

“Avalon”che is coming – part 2 – Smart Clients & Avalon

Although HTML allowed us to eliminate the deployment problems (Versioning, DLL Hell ..) and other architectural issues associated with the client/server model, we were not

Collection of Zen Koans

TweetI like Zen Koans a lot. Many of them are thought provoking. Here is a good collection.

Apple vs. Thinksecret Controversy

TweetShape of days blog has put out an objective  commentary on the issue. It helped me clear up the facts behind it and i have to say i am with Apple on this. As Shape of Days says this is not about bloggers’ rights but about basic legal issues.