How to win a tech argument ?

TweetA hilarious list of ways for the naysayer.  No. 70 had me rolling with laughter. Be careful about using it in a real argument, though !

Anglo Saxon Worldwide Web beats the French Minitel

TweetWith Tim Berners-Lee voted as the “Greatest Briton 2004”., Anglo Saxon technology gets another feather in its cap,  much to the chagrin of the French and their pioneering Minitel.   Many of you may have heard of the French Minitel which many people believe as a sort of a pagan worldwide web.   This article written […]

usb flash memory based automatic podcatching

TweetThis whole podcasting thing has taken off, thanks to the iPod phenomenon.  The people at  “Social customer manifesto”  have now have figured out to how to create a cheap podcatching device using a USB flash drive.  It is cool ! I was wondering if someone can do a portable RSS Feed Catcher so that  you […]

I try

TweetThis single by Macy Gray keeps ringing in my ears. If you are into R&B, you cannot miss this one. Her voice is so good that it brings out the essence of Soul.

Improving personal productivity

TweetKuro5hin has a nice post by Mark Taw on personal productivity. I also liked the get back to work web page.