Woot – a new retailing business model

Happy new year 2005 everyone. I am vacationing in Greece  and i thought why not collect all the different  business …

Happy Holidays !

TweetGenerated the ASCII word picture (pebbles style) below using this cool site. o O O o o O OoOooOOo o O .oOoO’ .oOo. .oOo. O o O o O o O o O o o O o o o O o O o O O o o O `OoO’o oOoO’ oOoO’ `OoOO O O o […]

What’s next for Google ?

TweetCharles Ferguson of Frontpage fame has written a superb article on things that Google could do, to avoid being “Netscaped” by you know who.

Naughtycodes very handy for online holiday shopping

TweetAny of you doing holiday shopping on the Internet, it maybe worth your while to check the naughtycodes site to get discount coupons. I ordered a photobook from ofoto.com and was able to find a 30% off coupon code from this site. Ofoto site was only advertising a 20% off coupon. Added the site to […]

Comparison shop from inside Bookstores !

TweetDon’t know why no one thought of this before. Amabuddy  lets you  call a number from your cell phone, enter the ISBN number and find the Amazon.com price for the book that you are browsing at Barnes & Noble. It can also recommend similar books. I tried it, its simple and elegant. Of course,  if […]