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No.Tweet Wings Contributor Date
1/Via @prem_k @kswift_crow why doesn't the feet of crows freeze in cold weather? https://t.co/JKo9YbrO63 ~ vv interesting - Original Tweet 2 prem_k 2017-01-11 05:14:13
2Give away time to gain time ~ brilliant /Via @karticv https://t.co/7Ei3HAxJbb - Original Tweet 3 karticv 2017-01-08 10:59:23
3/Via @aditya_gn do we perceive a person directly or through their story? https://t.co/XFpekAeOp3 ~ brilliant /cc @rs_prasanna - Original Tweet 3 aditya_gn 2017-01-07 08:36:15
4Why do we overestimate the short term and underestimate the long term? https://t.co/aSCtFU6ZSz ~ vv insightful /Via @rsukumar - Original Tweet 2 rsukumar 2017-01-07 07:11:13

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    What are the techniques and tools to collect all your tweets and retweets and store them (for study later)?

    I started a curation project a couple of years ago to curate interesting articles for my followers on twitter. I then wanted for my own records a weekly digest of all the curated links and post it on my blog for my benefit and for my blog followers ben…

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