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No.Tweet Wings Contributor Date
1Surprising Lessons From 100 Days of Rejection: Jia Jiang at TEDxAustin ~ brilliant /Via @rsukumar https://t.co/EUmkVuxtuu - Original Tweet 3 rsukumar 2016-06-29 05:44:42
2The true cost of startup failure ~ brilliant /Via @SmartBrief https://t.co/16jJaDfkCZ - Original Tweet 3 SmartBrief 2016-06-22 02:17:47
3Valuation For Startups — 9 Methods Explained ~ vv insightful /Via @SmartBrief https://t.co/GmDMou13q4 - Original Tweet 2 SmartBrief 2016-06-18 07:25:26
4Lulu - The Pig That ‘Played Dead’ To Save Her Dying Owner in 1998 ~ Amazing /Via @reddit https://t.co/ZQ1F74JNQ6 - Original Tweet 3 reddit 2016-06-16 14:21:08
5A Five Second Film ~ brilliant & poignant /Via @reddit https://t.co/wN6OthOAyY - Original Tweet 3 reddit 2016-06-15 07:07:34
6How to Find Out How Much Time Is Left Before Sunset with just your bare hands ~ vv interesting /Via @GooglePlus https://t.co/OeG2MypAz0 - Original Tweet 2 GooglePlus 2016-06-10 01:34:06
7What makes a memorable image? Q&A with Stuart Franklin of Magnum https://t.co/3sdQophVOL ~ brilliant /Via @digg - Original Tweet 3 digg 2016-06-08 13:29:06
8/Via @Rosenrosen what gives work meaning––and what makes it meaningless: https://t.co/wCsMEbfnIJ ~ vv insightful - Original Tweet 2 Rosenrosen 2016-06-08 02:12:50
9Human brain is not a computer https://t.co/8imuMMyboE ~ vv insightful /Via @rucsb - Original Tweet 2 rucsb 2016-06-01 02:17:21

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    What are the techniques and tools to collect all your tweets and retweets and store them (for study later)?

    I started a curation project a couple of years ago to curate interesting articles for my followers on twitter. I then wanted for my own records a weekly digest of all the curated links and post it on my blog for my benefit and for my blog followers ben…

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